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Jamaal Finkley – BlackTree Media

Jamaal Finkley

Jamaal Finkley

Jamaal Finkley is a 20 year veteran of the media industry and the founder of BlackTree Media. While studying Bio-Medical Engineering at Vanderbilt University he started BlackTree Enterprises from his dorm room and never looked back.

As an early adapter of online web media technology, Finkley was the first Entertainment news coverage producer to execute online video coverage when he launched in the year 2000. Later he would go on to launch his award winning Youtube channel which has amassed nearly 700 million views and created a youtube Multichannel network which boast over 2 million subscribers and over a billion views collectively.

Jamaal now manages a full service media and production company developing content for TV networks and advertisers. He also regularly appears on-camera and maintains a long list of PR relationships. Jamaal has a background in line production and news coverage.

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