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Teen punished by school after shaving her head for charity

Teen punished

Teen punished by school after shaving her head for charity

A teenager who shaved her head to help a children’s charity was allegedly put into isolation at school because of her new hairstyle.

Niamh Baldwin was praised by family and friends for the courageous deed, but unfortunately, administrators at Mounts Bay Academy in Penzance, England, didn’t feel the same.

The girl’s mother, Anneka Baldwin, shared the incident on Facebook to express her concern.

“Niamh recently shaved all of her hair off to donate to a children’s wig charity. I think this is the most courageous and amazing thing to do and makes me so proud,” she wrote. “That’s why I am so upset that the school has made her feel so low and put her in to isolation.”

The mom condemned the school’s policy that states a student’s hair needs to be at least one centimeter long to be able to join in with classes. She adds that her daughter also was not allowed to “see her peers in the playground.”

According to her mom, Baldwin is a top student and always gets excellent evaluations from teachers.

“Everyone she meets always say she is a polite and lovely girl,” her mother wrote. “This doesn’t change because of a hairstyle, to me it is discrimination.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the school’s principal defended its mode of punishment, saying Baldwin had broken school rules, regardless of her good deed.

The principle, Sarah Davey, stated that every student is aware that they will be excluded from class until they grow their hair back to an acceptable length.

She added, “I will speak to Niamh’s mother to try to resolve the situation to everyone’s satisfaction so that Niamh can return to lessons as soon as possible.”

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