Nothing Is Wasted – ‘The Situation’ with Uduak Usoro-Ilaumoh

nothing is wasted


In God, nothing is wasted; even in your messy moments and seasons of scandal…
Everything that has caused you pain…
Everything that has caused you shame….
Everything that has caused you to hide in your caves of embarrassment…
Everything that has made you ask, “God where are you”?
Everything that has made Family and Friends to write you off….
Everything that has caused you sleepless nights….
Everything that has made you run from pillar to post seeking help…
They are the ingredients that will be used to yield GOD’S GLORY!

God is such a Genius…
He can use a bad medical report to reveal His Glory!
He can use foolishness to unveil His wisdom!
He can hide treasures in the trash!
He can bring forth a King from the delayed womb!
He can bring a Saviour from the Stable!
When you look up to God, it means that you trust Him with your “Trash”!
He is true to His Nature, He loves to “Play with dirt”
Out of the “dirt”, came forth the image after His likeness!
Your “Dirt” is for His Glory!!
Don’t give up!!

Uduak Usoro-Ilaumo is the contributing editor (The Situation with Uduak Usoro-Ilaumo) for African Entertainment Channel

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