ASOS disgusts shoppers with new butt-less jeans


ASOS disgusts shoppers with new butt-less jeans

If you thought the ridiculous jean trend was staying in 2017, boy were you wrong. To welcome in the new year in, um, style, ASOS is selling a pair of butt-less jeans from British fashion brand The Ragged Priest.

The nineties-style pair of pants, if they can even be classified as that, includes chains that connect a too-short skirt with denim pant legs.

The chaps-inspired jeans will set you back $125. (Photo: ASOS)

Despite lacking a crucial piece of fabric, the jeans cost $125. Oh, and by the way, the black undergarments aren’t included.

The crazy denim trend isn’t over. (Photo: ASOS)

So when social media users got word of the latest wild piece of denim, ASOS fell victim to Twitter’s no-tolerance grilling:

Source: Danielle Fowler

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