See-through pants are back — and they’re still bizarre

See-through pants

See-through pants are back — and they’re still bizarre

Before Chanel deemed PVC clothing chic in its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Topshop had had its own transparent moment, not once, but twice. And you know what they say: Third time’s a charm. Or is it?

Following the steps of the high-waisted, light-wash pair of denim jeans with clear knee panels that they dropped in March 2017, and then their completely translucent $100 jeans, Topshop’s see-through pants are back — and they’re pink. Meet the fast fashion retailer’s latest venture toward see-through fashion: theMOTO Pink Transparent Cropped Jeans, which are also being sold for $100.

Pink transparent pants from Topshop (Credit: Topshop)

However, compared to the past instances where the internet just couldn’t digest what they were witnessing, this time around potential customers have kept their cool (or so it seems).

There could be many reasons as to why not much has surfaced about these pants. Maybe it was thanks to celebrity A-listers like Millie Bobby Brown who didn’t shy away from giving her knees a bit of the transparent treatment.

Customers might also have decided to give this trend the green light after seeingBurberry’s clear raincoats, Off-White’s own take on transparent pants, or even all those plastic grocerylike bags. Maybe their millennial pink hue is the true game changer, or maybe, just maybe, the internet is tired with Topshop’s usual eclectic tropes.

Regardless, would you dare slip these on for spring?

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