Jewish Group Says Jay-Z Lyric Plays Into Anti-Semitic Stereotypes


Jay-Z has 99 problems and the lyrics on one of his new songs might be one.

After being accused of anti-Semitism for lyrics on his new album, the Anti-Defamation League, an organization working to combat anti-Semitism, has expressed concerns over a line in Jay’s song, “The Story of O.J.,” from his newly released album, “4:44.”

In the song, he raps: “You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit / You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it.”

A representative for the ADL told Rolling Stone they believed the lyric is problematic because it “does seem to play into deep-seated anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews and money.”

“The idea that Jews ‘own all the property’ in this country and have used credit to financially get ahead are odious and false,” the rep continued, noting, “such notions have lingered in society for decades, and we are concerned that this lyric could feed into preconceived notions about Jews and alleged Jewish ‘control’ of the banks and finance.”

The organization does not, however, think Jay’s intent was to offend Jewish people or promote anti-Semitism, as they added, he “is someone who has used his celebrity in the past to speak out responsibly and forcefully against the evils of racism and anti-Semitism.”

HuffPost reached out to a representative for Jay-Z for more information and will update this post accordingly.

Before the ADL even raised concerns, people on Twitter were already calling the rapper out for perpetuating a negative stereotype about Jewish people.

Fellow hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons came to Jay’s defense with a post on Facebook earlier this week.

“From music to film, television, fashion, technology and financial services, the hip-hop community including myself have partnered with Jews where there were no blacks to partner with,” he wrote, adding, “It was blacks and Jews creating new opportunity and new wealth [sic] Jay Z was celebrating that bond that was built when no other community gave and continues to give us as much support in our fight for liberation in this very white country.”

He continued, “He should not offer a single apology and we should not feed into the silly narrative. To all those focusing on negativity go buy the album, it’s focused on positivity.”

Jay also found an ally in Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary.

In a post on Instagram last week, Oseary defended the 47-year-old rapper, writing, “If you read the lyrics out of context I can understand why people are jumping to that conclusion .. But if you listen to the song in its entirety you will hear that the whole of the song is based on exaggerated stereotypes to make a point ..”

He added, “In my opinion, Jay is giving the jewish community a compliment.”

Source: Julia Brucculieri for Huff Post

50 Cent Slams Jay-Z’s New Album, Calls It ‘Golf Course Music’

50 cent

50 Cent isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

The opinionated rapper had quite a few things to say about Jay-Z’s new album, 4:44, and shared his personal thoughts: “I listened to Jay s***, that 4:44 … I thought the s*** was a’ight. I liked the s***, but I’m gonna keep it 100 — the s*** was a little … the s*** was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing like glasses … and like a tie, a f***ing sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s***.”

The executive producer of Power continued: “Now Imma tell you the truth: n****s is high out here, so they don’t wanna hear that s***. They just wanna have a good time. You know what I’m saying? And f*** that—you can’t be the best rapper at 47 because the new n****s is here. They coming with new s*** going on.”

“That’s why I was laughing with the Joe Budden n**** with the Migos n****s ’cause they up. They up next, you gotta let the young n****s come in. N****s f***ing with Future and all this. Leave them n****s alone man, b, what the f*** is the matter with you, man?”

“I ain’t gon’ hold you up son, that s*** was like golf course music,” he added.

The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Source: Yahoo News

Kanye West Reportedly Breaks Ties With JAY-Z’s Streaming Service Over Money

kanye west
Just days after JAY-Z released his first album in four years, TMZ reports that Kanye West is splitting with JAY-Z’s streaming service Tidal, saying he is owed $3 million.

The rappers’ tumultuous relationship has been well documented. In November, while on stage in California, Kanye called out JAY-Z, saying, “Jay-Z — call me, bruh. You still ain’t called me. Jay-Z, call me, Jay-Z — I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”

JAY-Z responded in “4:44,” his first studio album in four years, on a track appropriately titled “Kill Jay Z,” in which he refers to himself in the second person:

But you ain’t a Saint, this ain’t KumbaYe / But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye / You gave him 20 million without blinkin’ / He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’? / “Fuck wrong with everybody?” is what you sayin’ / But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.
It’s unclear if the ”$20 million” he says he gave Kanye is part of the dispute.

Jay-Z, menwhile, says his lyrics shouldn’t be taken literally.

“It’s about killing off the ego, so we can have this conversation in a place of vulnerability and honesty.”

Someone should tell Kanye.

Source: Andy McDonald for Huff Post

10 Artists Who Retired From Music And Made A Comeback


10 Artists Who Retired From Music And Made A Comeback

On Thursday, Adele set fire to the internet when she revealed in a heartfelt note that she may never tour again.

Naturally, we felt a little heartbroken about the whole thing, but then we realized that celebrities go in and out of retirement all the time. Cher, Barbra Streisand, Jay-Z ― they’ve all done it, which gives us a little hope that one day, when she’s ready, Adele will bless stages all over the world with her voice again. She can’t give us the cold shoulder forever, right?

If the stars below are any indication, we’ll be saying “Hello” (again) to Adele sooner than we know.

Here are 10 other stars who retired then came back:


Justin BieBer

Barbara Streisand

Garth Brooks

LL Cool J

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Source: Huff Post